Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sOrRy fOr hUrtiNg yOu

I hate my past life.
really2 hate it!!!
Even  i have change now
but it still around me.
hope one day my past life will go away from my new life.

I fell in love with a girl
she is so beautiful and i have no word to say about her
we start to become friends in april 2009,
i have not fell in love with anyone before i saw her,,
but when i saw her, i realize that i fell in love with her for the first time in my life.
I have no feelings with other girl except you and honestly you are my first love,
and i don't want to lose you, age is not an  excuses  i know that i have lie  to you,
please forgive me for what had happen.
i need you so much  in my life,after this i promise will not lie or hurt your heart.
i swear, i will not leave you forever,
honestly, '' I LOVE U'' this is not from my mind
its from the place that i keep you as my princess 
and i know, that i hurt your heart  but please forgive me.
i realize that i have do a big mistake in my whole life.
i am so sorry my dear.

Your name is the word i wanted to say,
Your image is the view i wanted to see,
Your voice is the sound i wanted to hear,
Your presence are the moment i wanted to feel
your heart is the one i want to replace with mine,
I Luv YoU..4ever....!!!!!!!!!! ♥

As I feel the tear go down my cheek, 
   I notice that my heart is weak, 
   For the love I have for you, 
  Will always be gold and true, 
  i have made some mistakes, they rest in the past, 
  But know my love will always last, 
  Even though we are a distance apart, 
  You always have the key to my heart.
hope u will forgive me...

You give me warmth
When it is cold
With You I want
To grow old

You give me strength
To carry on
And when I am weak
You show me how to move on

You dry my tears
With Your amazing love
It must be true
You are sent from above

You ease my pain
You disperse gray clouds
You show me
What love is about

You find a way to make me smile
Even if we are apart
There ´s something I can surely say:
My love for You comes straight from the heart

You must not forget
That I love YOU

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